Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Bottle Room

AKA Baby Feeding Room or Biberonnerie,this 24-hour code access room is part of the Mini Club complex, located on the Baby Club Med side. Parents should be given the code upon arrival/check-in, but if not, just ask.

The room is designed something like a small basic kitchen minus stove, and has lots of cabinets, a sink, paper towels, dish soap, dish drying racks (for bottles, etc.), bottle sterilizer, refrigerator, drinking water dispenser, and (I think) microwave. It's a good place to come to clean bottles and sippy cups with real dishwashing soap, as opposed to trying to clean in your hotel room with shower gel or shampoo!

In 2008: The fridge contained several types of UHT milk (whole, and others, and also soy milk), as well as small yogurts, and individually wrapped servings of hydroxide/Oreo type cookies (in fridge so cookie filling does not melt in heat, perhaps). The cabinets also contained lots of boxed dry cereals.

In 2009: The room was more sparsely stocked - the fridge had milk, but only one type, and no cookies or yogurt. There were only a few cereals (in varieties I suspect most kids would not like), and these were quickly gone.

In 2010: The village seemed to have a number of families with young children, but the baby bottle room seemed quite well-stocked - several varieties of milk (including soy) and yogurt in the fridge, some powdered baby formula, and a selection of jarred baby food and individual boxed cereals in the cupboards.

Bottom Line: This is a very good place to come for milk when restaurants and bars are not open (or if you are not in close proximity to those), and to wash your child's cups/bottles, etc. with real soap in a non-bathroom environment. You might also be able to find snacks here.