Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mealtime: Buffet with Baby

We really enjoyed the food during our stays!! There are many comments on Club Med food on other sites, so I won't replicate them. This post is more about logistics.

Eating buffet with a very small child means that most likely one parent stays and supervises while the other parent gets food. If you are alone, and find a GO present in the Baby Corner, ask him/her to watch your child while you navigate the buffet. (This isn't something that I would normally do in a restaurant at home, of course, but I would have no problem doing it provided that the GO was 'on duty' in the Baby Corner and the child wouldn't flip out if you step away to the buffet for 3 minutes.)

Milk: The milk provided at Punta Cana in the Baby Corner and in the Baby Bottle Room (Biberonnerie) is UHT. This type of milk is common in Europe, and in the US is becoming more common for drink box milk (usually flavored), as it does not require refrigeration until opened. Different types of UHT milk (whole, reduced fat, etc.) may be available. In 2008, I noticed more types of milk, and even soy milk, whereas in 2009, I found mostly whole milk, although the buffet cheese sections did have some reduced fat milk.

Food: The buffets are huge and you should always be able to find something that you children will eat, regardless of their age. Bland, familiar staples such as pasta, bread (many delicious kinds), rice, yogurt, and bananas are available every day, and pizza and "kid friendly" chicken are also 'regulars.' Of course, if your children are more venturesome, there's a very **wide** range of things to choose from at each meal that you all will enjoy.

Comment on Samana: Since Samana was renovated in 2008, the table surfaces on the main floor (as opposed to Baby Corner - don't recall what those are) are a kind of marble-type material. This probably isn't the best kind of tabletop for very small kids who still want to bang silverware, plates, etc. -- very loud, and also somewhat slippery if there is any liquid at all on the table. So I would definitely consider the Baby Corner if your child is at a specific stage when eating in Samana. The tables at Hispaniola are a more kid-friendly surface. Post-renovation, Hispaniola is also more low-key, while Samana is slightly more formal.

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