Sunday, August 9, 2009

Travel with Kids

Worried about just getting to Punta Cana with your kids? The good thing is that, once you get there, the ground transfer from the airport is fast - only 10 minutes on local roads.

Don't forget to review
TSA guidelines for travel prior to your departure to be up to date on any changes in procedures or restrictions that you should be aware of in relation to your family flight planning (things can change quite quickly, as we all know). TSA also maintains a blog, which sometimes features useful information if you are planning an upcoming trip.

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Thanks, Debbie!


  1. Did you bring a car seat for the ride from the airport to Punta Cana? My son will be 6 at the time of travel and we were wondering if it was necessary to bring the booster seat.

  2. So, I confess, we did not, although I did explore some of that in another post here. A booster - particularly backless - would be easier to bring and no LATCH issues. The only issue is the seat belts (make sure you get a taxi with shoulder belts that work with your model -- not just lap belts). If you take a bus (the tour bus type with a large group going to the same resort), you probably wouldn't really need this. A lot of the airport taxis are kind of van-like, and we have photos in them where there are no shoulder-type belts in the back seat section.

    I'm not an advocate of going w/o but the road transfer to CM is VERY short, and each time we've been there have few to zero other vehicles, even though we arrived/departed on the busiest airport day (Saturday) each time. I've taken US airport shuttle transfers to nearby hotels that were a LOT more wild, and that offered no viable seat belt options, even for adults. If I were going to a resort further up the coast, I might not be so non-chalant.

    I should mention that I did take a booster to Asia for our toddler on trip where we did a lot of car travel in one city. I know everyone thought I was a nut, but it kept her contained in the vehicle and gave me some peace of mind.