Saturday, August 15, 2009

GOs: Language & Badges

The staff, or G.O.s, at Punta Cana - as with most G.O.s at other Club Meds - are multilingual: at Punta Cana, the GOs predominantly speak English, French, Spanish, and even some Portuguese and Italian (and possibly other languages). GMs (Club Med guests) who only speak one language should not feel intimidated. GOs are accustomed to interacting with guests from all over the world. For example, it's possible to take a completely bilingual windsurfing lesson, where the instructor casually moves between two languages while keeping everyone engaged.

How can you tell who speaks which languages? Look at the GO's name badge/nametag. Each badge features a name, as well as the flags of the countries for the languages that that GO speaks. Here's an example, courtesy of Tito, who livens up the main bar. Be sure to say hi if you see him!

From this badge, you can tell that Tito speaks French, Spanish, and English. The GOs you'll meet at the Mini Club, Petit Club, and Baby Club will all have badges like this, so keep your eyes open when you introduce yourself at drop-off. If you have questions, it's also helpful to look at the badge to gauge if you have the right audience for your concern.

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