Saturday, April 4, 2009

Resort Departure: General Tips

Your Last Day at Club Med Punta Cana

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Many guests will have afternoon or evening flights out of Punta Cana. Club Med realizes this and makes arrangements to enable guests to continue to enjoy their last day while still checking out of their rooms. Read the following to help maximize your last day!

1) Check-out guidelines are provided to guests the night prior to departure. These guidelines mention that it might be possible to extend your check-out time (for a fee). If you are interested in a "late check out," you should speak in person with the Reception ahead of time - preferably well ahead of your last day - to determine if this is really an option (it may not be). If you cannot extend your check-out time, you will check out in the morning, according to the guidelines provided (most likely at 11AM).

2) Call the Reception prior to check-out time to have your large check-through bags taken to the "luggage depot" at the entry to the resort (enclosed area in the center of the circular driveway). Communicate to the porter where you are going (country) and what time. If you are concerned about your bags, you can actually visit them in the luggage depot area at the entry to the resort. (We did this because our child was sad to see our suitcases leave, so we took her to "see" them. We booked our airfare separately from our stay at Club Med, and would not leave on a bus with a group, so our bags were set aside by themselves.)

3) Store your carry-on items in a secure locker-room-with-shower-area called the "Comfort Area." There are men's and women's locker areas. You will be given locker key(s) for your belongings. If your roll-on bag is too bulky for a locker, the locker attendant (the same stern looking but actually very friendly woman in both 2008 and 2009) will keep your bag behind her counter, put a number on it, and have you sign by that number. You may feel nervous about leaving your belongings in this manner, but everyone is in the same boat, and we left with everything we brought on both trips.

4) Go back to the beach or pool, have lunch, etc.! When the time approaches, you can come back to the Comfort Area locker rooms, shower and change, and head off to the airport. This means that you should pack your travel clothes into your carry-on so you can change into them after your day at the beach.

5) If traveling independently (non-charter flight), arrange for a taxi to the airport through the Reception. It doesn't seem as though much advance notice is required for a taxi (say, 15 minutes). If you are leaving on a Saturday, there will likely already be many taxis waiting to take guests to the airport, but it doesn't hurt to check with the Reception about this ahead of time.

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