Saturday, April 4, 2009

Resort Check-Out: Tips for Parents

Plan to combine your regular suitcase packing with packing for extra time at the beach/pool on your last day. For parents, this may take a little more logistical forethought to determine what you need (a) for fun/comfort at the resort and (b) for the flight home, and how that all fits into your carry-on, but it's definitely worth the advance planning!

A few reminders:

  • Last minute cold milk or juice for bottles/sippys is available from the restaurants (or from the bars, if lunch is over)

  • Refrigeration is available in the 24-hour access Baby Bottle Room connected to the Mini Club if necessary (label items that go in the fridge).

  • If you need kids' snacks for traveling, snag a few extras boxes of kids' cereal from the Baby Bottle Room or at breakfast for your carry-on.

Do Your Kids Nap? In 2008, we left on a Saturday (typical of many guests), and we were unable to extend our check-out time and the Mini Club was not open, so we had our 15-month old daughter nap in her stroller at naptime. In 2009, however, the Mini Club staff actually offered that the Mini Club would be open on Saturday from 1PM-3PM for naptime so "parents can pack." Our flight was at 4PM, so we couldn't take them up on this and didn't inquire as to any (nominal) fee, but if your children need to nap and you have a later flight, it would definitely be worth asking the Mini Club staff about this arrangement early on in your stay.

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