Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Club Med Punta Cana?

OK, so it has a beach and a pool - who doesn't?! There are many reasons to go with Club Med, but key selling points for Club Med Punta Cana for us in 2008 when we first visited with our 15-month old – and that remained very important to us for our family trip back this year – included:

Children’s programming that was clearly defined by age ranges, with baby care included. Some resorts we looked at offered childcare, kids camps, or nannies but it wasn’t always clear from the resort materials how the very small children would be cared for and if the programming was specifically designed for their needs, or if the kids would just be all lumped together with those of different ages and abilities.

No jet lag: I didn't want a key portion of trip to be devoted to getting my family on the local time zone, and struggling with the time difference upon our return home. The time difference is one hour or none, depending on when daylight savings time occurs and the time of your trip. Calculate your own time difference.

Proximity to the airport. We did not want a long ground transfer once we landed with our little one. The resort is literally 10 minutes away by taxi bus (see tourist map of Punta Cana area - note that I am not endorsing the real estate firm that posted this map; there are many similar maps out there, but this one seemed to be higher resolution and easier to view than some). In fact, it's about as close as you can get! It’s very important to note that although Club Med is close to the airport, you do NOT hear any airplanes (although you might see one occasionally).

Child friendly atmosphere at a nice resort. We didn’t want to go to a really upscale resort where we would be pariahs with our small child. What we encountered were many families and also couples without children on vacation in an environment that welcomes children. On the other hand, the resort is large enough that you never feel that you are at a kiddie park. Nor is the general programming child-centric: the environment is accepting of children but not dominated by them. The parents and other adult G.M.s (guests) are very definitely enjoying “adult” vacations, complete with adult sports, drinks, entertainment, and dancing.

Planning your family's stay at Club Med Punta Cana? More info here:

What have been your primary considerations in researching family getaway destinations?

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