Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Convenient Rooms for Families at Club Med Punta Cana

The most convenient rooms at the resort for families with young children include:

  • Colon
  • Ovando
  • Estrella
  • Mariposa

These buildings and a few others are close to

  • the Mini Club/Petit Club/Baby Club
  • Hispaniola Restaurant
  • the reception

Please refer to the map of the entire club for further reference.

Even families with babies or toddlers who do not plan to participate in the children's programs will benefit from these locations, as they are also close to the restaurant, 24-hour access Baby Bottle Room (with milk and dry snacks for children) connected to the Mini Club, and the Mini Club play grounds and pools, which are open to parents supervising children who are not part of formal Club Med children's programs.

Prior to your trip, contact Room Planning via fax or email to request a room and provide specifics about your family - for example, you have an infant, or you have twin toddlers, etc. Note that the type of room you have and its location may depend on the 'class' of room that you booked. If you use a stroller, you may want a first floor room (although many people just park their strollers on the ground floor near stairwells - the strollers are fine there). Your bags will be carried to your room so that is not a consideration. Some of the rooms will have ocean views as well. This is also a good time to clarify anything else that you anticipate you will need in your room (such as a plastic baby bath tub and high chair -- these things may be in place when you arrive as part of the Baby Welcome package, but nonetheless good to specify in your note to Room Planning).

Some guests have complained in reviews that their rooms were very far away (from restaurants, etc.). During our first visit we had a room that I initially thought was very far away in Costa (formerly Caravelle). The distance is magnified upon arrival when you are tired and want to get settled in. We ultimately really enjoyed our room, and did not mind the walk back and forth, as the weather is gorgeous and you are rarely in a hurry as at home!

Planning your family's stay at Club Med Punta Cana? More info here:


  1. Thank you for your wonderful website. I learned a great deal for our first trip to Club Med Punta Cana. Our baby will be 17 months when we go there, but we are not putting him in the Baby Club. You said that we may still be able to use the playground and the pool of the Mini Club, but is there a time restriction, etc? Will we be able to use the indoor Mini Club/Baby Club facility?

  2. You can definitely use the outdoor Mini Club and Baby Club playground areas and pools, and you will likely meet other parents and kids who aren't in the Baby/Petit Club that way. (The indoor facilities are more like a classroom and I think the kids/babies have to be enrolled to go inside, but the best parts are honestly the covered play/pool areas outside.) I don't know if there are official time restrictions; I think you can go in to the playground and pools pretty much all day when you would like, although you might want to take your child in the baby pool when the Petit Club classes aren't going in (less crowded). You can also take your child in the beach hut on the main beach, although you might also prefer to go when a class of kids is not present. Have a great trip!!!

  3. Do you know whether you can book the Baby Club on a day-to-day basis once you get to the resort? I've had conflicting answers from CM.

    I don't really want to pay £500 for the full two weeks of Baby Club when we will probably only use it 6-8 times!

    Thank you

  4. We also had conflicting information. The Baby Club was full for our first trip but we were told we might be able to get in once we got there; this did not prove to be the case, but we felt this worked out for the best in our case. We reserved a babysitter instead, and booked her for multiple periods of time in advance, and found that this worked well and was not grossly expensive in the end -- although when presented with the pricing initially it didn't seem like the best deal (I don't recall the precise rates at this point, sorry). Hope you find something that works out. Definitely understand the conundrum.